Build Things

Stokes specializes in adapting traditional woodworking to digital fabrication processes- mainly CNC machining - and using that for the manufacturing of wood parts or complete products.  We also provide the individual services of CNC and laser cutting.


Stokes is a fabrication shop focusing on combining traditional craftsmanship with digital fabrication for woodworking, furniture making, and prototyping.  We believe considering material and fabrication processes is integral to efficient design - conserving resources and ensuring quality.

What we enjoy most is building things. We like using our hands, tools, machines and collaborative problem solving to bring things into physical existence, whether it be a piece of furniture or a public park.    Whether it be our concept & design or a client's, we just want to build it.


 Bryce Williamson,   founder, creator, builder

 Bryce Williamson, founder, creator, builder

The CNC Machine, computer numerical  controlled 

Stokes is a family name. My great grandfather, Joe Stokes, and his father, Grover Cleveland Stokes, were inventors and entrepreneurs in Chicago at the beginning of the last century.  Manufacturing their own design of refrigerated boxcars before operating a tugboat (also of their own design) on the rivers of Illinois,  they designed things and then built them.  While I never met these men, they have passed down their skills and tradition of making things through my grandfather and father to me.  I'm just carrying on the family business.

Our workshop, located in Ridgewood, Queens, has been built around our goal of combining digital and traditional fabrication techniques with a constant focus on high quality craftsmanship. In addition to embracing the precision, efficiency, and capabilities of digital fabrication, we also value working with our hands.

We've created a space where we can work efficiently, have at hand the tools needed to create quality work, and enjoy ourselves while we do it.